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Rasmalai Recipes, Typical Of India

Rasmalai Recipes, Typical Of India

Rasmalai Recipes, Typical Of India - Asian Food - Rasmalai (originated in India) is made for Pakistan Rasmalai is desserts India derived Odisha, country on the eastern shore of the Bay of Bengal. Rasmalai, which translates to "the nectar cream" in Urdu, is made of sponge balls of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) are soaked in thick, reduce the milk-like cream. smooth sweet dessert is always served cold, and had extra flavor of sprinkles the ground cardamom and turmeric. Depending on the recipe, rasmalai topped sprinkled with almonds, pistachios, ground, or an assortment of dried fruit.

Materials Rasmalai Recipes, Typical Of India :

  • Paneer cheese 100 g cubed 1 cm (it seems small, but later will expand 2-fold).
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar.
  • Water 150 ml (a little)
  • Coconut milk 250 ml (India version: milk)
  • Cinnamon 2 stalks dikeprek (India: cardamom version)
  • Pandanus leaf 1 strands (India: saffron, in Depok hard nyarinya)
  • Coarsely crushed roasted peanuts if like (India version: pistacchios).

How to Cook Rasmalai Recipes, Typical Of India :
1. mix the water with the sugar. Boil until boiling and thickened.
2. Insert the pieces of cheese paneer to the sugar solution, reduce the fire.
3. let cheese paneer in a sugar solution 5-10 minutes until sugar water absorbed into the cheese. So turn off the heat.
4. Cooked in coconut milk until almost boiling (foaming). Stir in cinnamon.
5. Enter the paneer cheese to sugared-me solution of coconut milk.
6. stir in the pandan leaves, reduce heat, 5 minutes to keep out the aroma of pandan.
7. Finish and remove from stove.
8. Sprinkle the roasted beans collisions.
9. "Rasmalai Giavanese" are ready before eaten.

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