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Mackerel Fish Soup Recipe

Mackerel Fish Soup

Mackerel Fish Soup Recipe - Asian Food - Mackerel fish soup recipes are original. Fish soup, mackerel is one of the typical culinary dishes from Indonesia who is known in the community with an excellent cuisine.

This cuisine is indeed quite tasty and tempting to you, especially when we eat at home with rice and your favorite sauce such as complement.

In addition it is well suited to dishes eaten when we're hungry weight or after completion of a cuisine and said this one could recover stamina and give more power to our busy work.

If you like culinary soups such as sop, taste is not complete if you have never tasted this brings its fish soup that mackerel.

Not all people ever enjoy mackerel fish, what kind of fish do indeed have a distinctive flavor and the meat is tender. In addition to processed into food, fish mackerel is also famous for its products namely mackerel fish crackers.

Mackerel fish is one fish that is easily processed, either by way of a fried, burnt, made soup and many more.

Nutrient content of mackerel fish very much at all, including to contain omega 3 good for intelligence of the brain. So this mackerel fish soup dishes very well suited in a closer to the grassroots.

Mackerel fish soup recipe is also quite easy to find in various media, curious right how recipes and how to make it, please refer to as in the example of fish soup recipe delicious mackerel below:


  • 500 gr of meat fish mackerel
  • 50 gr sago flour
  • 2 egg white grains
  • 2 teaspoon pepper powder
  • Salt and sugar to taste
  • Water to boil

Dressing Ingredients:

  • 10 sheets of lime leaves
  • 5 cloves garlic, geprek only
  • 5 stalks serai
  • 2 ½ liter of clean water
  • 1 sachet of oyster sauce
  • Coconut oil to taste

Supplementary Materials:

  • Spicy chili sauce or cayenne pepper
  • Shrimp paste chilli or onion
  • Celery leaves, sliced to taste

How To Make Mackerel Fish Soup:

  1. Clean the meat of thorns, then puree the flesh, sugar, salt and pepper using a blender until
  2. Combine fish with egg white and flour sago in the basin, then stir-stir until it becomes a dough that is easy on the form.
  3. Take a little dough, then shape according to taste, and then put exactly on top of the plastic to be easy on the take (so that the dough is not sticky). Doing it this way until the dough runs out.
  4. Next, Heat a little coconut oil in a frying pan, then FRY the garlic until it smells of input water, oyster sauce, Lemongrass and lime leaves, then stir-stir and wait for it to boil.
  5. Finally, the input of fish mackerel (dough) is already in the previous form, kemduian ampai tunggus dough floats (signifying the ripe), and then turn off the stove, and mackerel fish soup-made you are ready to be served.

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