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Korean food: Noodle Soup Ppong Jjam or Spicy Seafood Contents

Noodle Soup or Spicy Jjamppong content of Seafood

Korean food: Noodle Soup Ppong Jjam or Spicy Seafood Contents - Asian Food - Korea food: Noodle Soup Ppong Jjam or Spicy Seafood Jjam-Ppong Content is one of the most favored Korea people and also one of the most often requested especially in terms of food purchased for the message between along with jjajangmyeon, food – the food is still very popular and often purchased through service messages between. It is true that Jjampong is one of the foods of Korea which is influenced by Chinese food. This main-food Jjampong noodles with gravy that has a rich flavour and taste spicy and then in the gravy enriched also with a variety of ingredients from the sea or a seafood course that makes this dish very tasty, most who have tried it will increasingly addicted to want to try it again.

The required ingredients like below:

  • As many as 200 grams shrimp, remove the head and the Peel (use small size only)
  • Calamari squid – as many as 200 grams, clean and cut into small pieces –
  • Sea Scallops or mussels a number of 200 grams, wash it clean then boil briefly so that the lenders and the sand out
  • Chicken meat as much as 200 grams, clean and cut into small – small
  • Cabbage or cabbage as much as 200 grams, wash clean, then sliced thinly
  • As many onions 1 large size fruit, peeled and thinly sliced
  • Ear mushrooms or other mushrooms as much as 100 grams, soak in cold water for 20 minutes and then washed it clean then thinly sliced
  • Young called the bamboo bamboo shoots as much as 100 grams thinly sliced, as well
  • Spring onion 2 stalks, washed and then sliced
  • As much chili powder 3 tablespoons
  • Vegetable oil to taste
  • Chicken stock as much as 8 glasses, can be made from instant broth or to make it more palatable again made from water boiled chicken (1 kg) with garlic as much as 7 cloves, ginger the size of 1 cm, green onion as much as 3 rods and of course with water as much as 15 glasses of water until cooked boil and softened their chickens
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper powder to taste
  • As much garlic 1 tablespoon (which already minced)
  • As much as much as ginger 1 ½ teaspoons (already minced)
  • Udon noodles or mie yellow as much as 200 grams

JjamPpong creation measures such as below:

  1. First – tama heat chicken broth in a pan by using a small fire
  2. Then the second step of preparing all the ingredients that have been cleaned and sliced – iris
  3. Next prepare the noodles with merebusnya until cooked then drained (don't forget even soaked it in cold water cooked after merebusnya)
  4. Next, heat the frying pan for sauteing, heat the vegetable oil and then stir in the sliced ginger, chicken meat, assorted materials of seafood (shrimp, squid, cuttlefish and shellfish –), chili powder, sliced vegetables and then jamurnya using medium heat until large sequentially and each cooked approximately 3 minutes before the added ingredient of selanutnya, do not forget while stirring – stirring constantly and if looks less oil, add vegetable oil
  5. The next step after the stir fry last ripe and fragrant and enter into the chicken stock that has been boiled and has been simmering, add the broth into the minced garlic, salt, black pepper and bamboo shoots into it, Cook until about 10 minutes, set aside
  6. Then prepare the noodles in the bowl and add the broth and gravy variety isiannya of yesteryear into the Bowl containing the noodles and then sprinkle sliced green onions on top of it
  7. Jjam ppong ready served to eat.

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