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Kazakh Beshbarmak Food Recipe

Kazakh Beshbarmak

Kazakh Beshbarmak Food Recipe - Asian Food - Beshbarmak is a typical food of Kazakhstan. As one of the countries that the majority of its food comes from meat, of course, Kazakhstan has specialties namely Beshbarmak/Besjbarmak. This meal is made from beef, horse or goat meat prepared in the form of large pieces. With a large chunk of this will make potbelly feel very satisfied berkuliner in Kazakshtan.

Beshbarmak Materials:

  1. Lamb Chops (1 kg)
  2. Bay leaf (2 pcs.)
  3. black pepper (to taste)
  4. white salt (to taste)
  5. all purpose flour (3 tbsp.)
  6. chicken eggs (2 pcs.)
  7. the onion (2 pcs.)
  8. green onions (½ Beam)
  9. parsley (½ Beam)
  10. DIL (½ Beam)

How to make Beshbarmak:

  1. In a deep saucepan pour half the total volume of water or a little more. Goats are washed with cold water, then dry them and send them in a pan. We bring the liquid to a boil, remove the first attack on the surface of the liquid, and then leave the lamb for cooking for 3 hours. Season broth with salt, and add to it a certain number of of bay leaf and a few pieces of ground black pepper when leaving 30 minutes before end of cooking. During cooking, the meat can be cooked dough beshbarmak. All we are sifting the flour into a bowl, add two eggs and salt, pour the cooled broth spoon part. Really knead dough so that it becomes flexible and quite elastic. Roll out the dough thin enough pancakes and cut large boxes.
  2. For the sauce Peeled onions, and we will cut thick enough or ring as shown in the photo. We spread the onion rings in a small saucepan, add back all the spices a little chopped, salt and pepper. On the surface of the broth and remove fatty plaque along with the broth and pour into pan. Tormented with green onion rings over low heat until boiling, and do not carry: we need to bend just a little bit saturated with gravy, but crisp.
  3. The lamb is cooked allow to cool slightly and cut into large pieces. Prepared dough box Cook until done practically in broth that cooked meat.
  4. Bow of the pot is taken out, and the broth with herbs will be submitted along with the beshbarmak.
  5. We serve dishes as follows: spread on a plate of cooked batter over fruit they drop slices of mutton stew, and rings over the ring. Kazakh Beshbarmak sheep ready.

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