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How To Select Fresh Seafood

How To Select Fresh Seafood

How To Select Fresh Seafood - Tips - Health - Sea food is food that is quite popular in Asia though many are less like it with seafood allergy reasons. Various kinds of processed sea food is found in Asia, snacks to companion side dishes alone.

The sign of the fish that's been Rotten:

  • a grim and eyes sunk
  • easy off gloom and scales
  • dreary skin color with thick mucus
  • Gray gills with thick mucus
  • abdominal wall softening
  • the overall color of the foul-smelling and murky.

Characteristics Of Fresh Fish:

  • Light and bright skin tone
  • The flesh of the fish when pressed feels hard.
  • Eyes clear, prominent and convex
  • Fresh fish scales still attached to strong and shiny, scales still intact not much off.
  • The gills are red
  • The fins are strong
  • the skin and the flesh of the fish is not easily torn, especially on the part of the stomach. Does not smell foul.

Fresh Prawns Characterize:

  • Color tinted clear fresh shrimp and there was no black spots.
  • Fresh shrimp looks hefty, when pressed, fresh shrimp meat feels harder.
  • Foot and skin as well as his head is not easy.
  • The smell of fresh shrimp typical amis shrimp does not smell foul.

Characteristics Of Fresh Shellfish:

  • If you bought the clams in the shell, make sure the shell much open, it shows the shells were still alive.
  • If you bought the shells off of the skin shell choose the flesh still looks solid and intact.
  • The color of the flesh of shellfish has not changed from the original, beef scallops that have changed color indicates that the shells have been foul.
  • Flavorful distinctive fishy foul smelling instead.

Fresh Squid Characteristics:

  • Fresh squid body supple and sturdy when pressed.
  • Squid small purplish-colored body with black spots. While large-sized squid > 20 cm), the body is white with little black spots.
  • Fresh calamari lightly coat of clear mucous membranes.
  • Removing peculiar smell and not smell foul.

Small Crab Attaching Fresh Crab/Characteristics:

  • crabs are generally sold alive because it's usually tied, while a small crab attaching sold in the State is dead.
  • To pick crabs whose eyes move transitions, it signifies the crabs alive.
  • Select crab/small crab attaching the still complete RADIUS including its powerful claws.
  • Press with the fingers on the back when it felt hard means crab/small crab attaching it plump and healthy.
  • To distinguish the crab/small crab attaching the fat can also be done by means of the lifting body. When the flesh feels light means less dense.

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