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How To Make Special Fried Ice Cream

Special Fried Ice Cream

How To Make Special Fried Ice Cream - Asian Food - Cruncy Fried ice cream is a traditional modern special. It turns out that how to make Fried ice cream is pretty easy. The following full instructions special Fried ice cream recipe and crunchy. This cover is a culinary actually comes from the United State and eventually penetrated into asia.

There are actually several ways in making ice cream special fried crisp. However there are 2 ways that a lot was done by a friend of ours by wrapping the ice with fresh bread and the second way ice cream directly in the FRY and of course with the way a certain way. Let's start making ice cream special fried crisp.


  • The stove and a pot for frying.
  • Cooking oil: 1 liter.
  • Freezer: 1 unit (use a refrigerator may also).
  • Scoop Ice Cream: 1 fruit.


  • Hard ice cream: 1 can.
  • Bread flour: 250 grams.
  • Fresh bread: 1 packet of size 20 cm ².
  • Egg chicken: 1 to 2 grains.
  • Plastic/aluminium foil: to taste.

How to make crispy fried ice cream special
Whisk the egg and put it in a container or a large plate.
Place the bread crumbs in a plastic container (plastic container model search rich plates).

Fried ice cream with fresh bread

  • Take one fresh bread and put it in place.
  • Take the ice cream is hard with a spoon of ice cream and put it on top of fresh bread, and then wrap the ice cream with fresh bread.
  • If you already started softening then wrap it again with aluminum foil (plastic) and store in the freezer first.
  • But if it is still loud and okay yuk we continue.
  • Enter in the batter of eggs and try all covered.
  • Enter in the bread flour and turn the dial so covered with thick bread flour.
  • FRY in hot oil and drain.

Fried ice cream with no fresh bread

  • Take the ice cream is hard with a special ice cream scoop.
  • Place the plastic above and round shape, then store in freezer.
  • Take ice cream and coat thoroughly with bread crumbs and roll them up to come out full.
  • Then coat thoroughly with the egg batter.
  • Enter again in bread crumbs and then rotate the dial until the bread crumbs are all covered.
  • Continue to do at least 2 to 3 times so that ice cream wrapped in a thick bread flour.
  • Then FRY with hot oil and drain.
  • Finished and ready to be enjoyed.
  • Serving Fried ice cream so added more delicious with sweet condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk with chocolate.

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