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Fish Processing Tips

Fish Processing Tips

Fish Processing Tips-Health-Tips

Buy fresh fish
The earliest way to cultivate the right fish is On when buying fish, do not let you buy a fish that is not fresh or of poor quality. Because sometimes it can directly buy it without a review first. at the time of choosing fish make sure eyes glowing fish, clean, and the gills are still red. Fresh fish doesn't smell (except the smell of the sea). If it smells fishy, don't purchase.

Don't be heat by the time cooked
Sometimes, people fish memerlakukan by way of dipukul-pukul as well as chicken and beef. Fish treat as simple as possible, no need to be struck because their texture is already soft. When excessive, even fish will be dry because it no longer has the fat content.

Eliminate fishy odor With seasoning
To eliminate fishy fish, you can use a lot of herbs and spices. Now a lot of fish in cans that are much more practical for spices and cooked live. However, not all canned fish products has the right seasoning, so you need to put more spice so it tasted more delicious.

Note the texture
Learn about the texture of the fish before you offer it. Fish with white flesh and tend to be glowing, that means fast and easy cooked.

Cook using the Sauce
Fish food is delicious and fresh, you can even ' taste ' flavors of the sea. The fish has a lot of flavor, Cook the fish with the sauce the right goals to enhance the taste. The use of lemon and butter, especially for fish flaky white, will increasingly make it taste delicious.

Don't Be Too Mature
Fish that are too mature for sure will not feel delicious again. You must know, the overcooked fish will lose flavor and kelembapannya. If Cook properly, fish for some time might look not much different as the raw. You do not need to fear the fish could not be perfectly ripe. Hot temperatures will still get into the meat of the fish without the need of a large fire. To test the level of maturity of the fish, you can touch it over cooked. And, unlike the meat should be silenced 10-20 minutes after cooking to keep his juicy, fish can be eaten immediately after it is cooked.

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