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Dondurma Turkish Ice Cream

Dondurma Turkish Ice Cream

Dondurma Turkish Ice Cream - Travel - Ever heard the word dondurma? Or what if Turkey ice cream? Surely you've never heard of even trying. Dondurma itself is actually the ice cream that came from Turkey and many are found along the road near Aya Sofia Istanbul Museum. Because of the mention of the difficult and comes from the Turkey then so this ice cream goes into Indonesia we are more familiar with the name Turkey ice cream.

In his home town Kahramanmaras, this ice cream is a dessert that is required on all major events of the family. Ingredients such as milk and sugar certainly exists on all ice cream, but the difference is the addition of the Turkish ice cream flour orchids mountains and known by the name of mastic which is the SAP of a tree that can be consumed. It is this which makes the mastic ice cream melting over a longer and more supple and elastic.

Dondurma is the typical Turkey ice cream made of milk, sugar, mastic [b [pengenyal material that comes from the SAP of the plant, and ointments [thickening flour which comes from the root of the Orchid purple] use of ointments and mastic on a typical drink of Turkey makes their texture becomes more thick and sticky like gum. About tastes, ice cream remained sweet and tasty.

In his home country, Turkey, dondurma lots for sale in stalls or carts five feet on the edge of the road or the front of the shop. The sellers usually dondurma peddling ice cream with special clothing that looks like Aladin [p [wear vests and caps the typical Turkey] to stir the ice cream the seller is using a long stick used to removed the ice cream. Furthermore the seller also often shows attractions with a stick to.

Uniquely after booking and paying do not regarded you can immediately enjoy the ice cream, because it has become a tradition of the maid will do interesting and funny attractions against ice cream that you ordered. A sticky texture and does not easily melt this ice cream makes you diputar-putar until the waiter satisfied you were working on and get people around noticed it.

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