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Best Tempura Fried Shrimp

Best Tempura Fried Shrimp

Best Tempura Fried Shrimp - Asian Food - Tempura fried shrimp simplified recipes complete with how to make the dough tempura. Tempura is one dish from Japan made of shrimp, fish, chicken and fresh vegetables wrapped in a flour batter and deep fried. Because dressed with tempura flour and deep fried, then the crispness of the Japanese cuisine recipe this time being its main characteristic. The tempura batter to make pas, tempura flour used must fit takarannya. Tempura recipe originally from Japan heck just made from seafood. But because it has been customized with tongue Indonesia, currently many variations of this Japanese shrimp tempura recipe. Call it tempura chicken, tempura vegetables, and others. This time we will give way to make tempura fish and shrimp tempura is delicious, varied and crisp krispi resto. Of course with a few simple ingredients and tips on how to cook it so crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

If a layman might call recipe tempura shrimp Ebi furai or fried shrimp with this flour. The shape is almost the same as that sold in roadside seafood Diner or restaurant in Japan. Because it looks the hell exactly is shrimp fried in tempura crumbs. May be slightly different in appearance which seems to be more interesting and more fat. So actually it fried with shrimp flour usually located on his tempura flour. Flour tempuranya is indeed different from flour is usually so make this shrimp tempura looks fuller and more attractive. If how to make tempura shrimp is similar to how to make chicken nuggets or fish nuggets. So everyone easily could definitely make this own tempura recipe origin following the correct recipe.

Tips on how to make shrimp tempura recipe so crispy and tender

Actually how to make tempura fried shrimp, fish and vegetables is simple and practical. Not much different from how to make shrimp fried with flour or fried seafood recipes we've ever provided before. Free indeed there are some things to watch out for so that the shrimp tempura we make later crisp and delicious like tempura in hoka hoka bento. Most easy if we use Japan tempura flour. Live it with flour and dip a FRY, shrimp tempura recipe be crispy as in hoka hoka bento. But unfortunately this tempura flour price is rather expensive. In addition it is also rather difficult and hard to buy the original Japan tempura flour. For that this time we will provide the ingredients and seasonings for cooking shrimp tempura from simple materials.

The actual recipe tempura shrimp and ebi furai recipe it is no difference. If so the shrimp tempura recipe slightly dilute and thin. Ebi furai recipe if hoka hoka bento is thicker and use bread crumb or bread flour. The displays are certainly more interesting ebi furai because more fat and contains. If it feels like hell more krispy shrimp tempura.

Shrimp tempura Recipe because it is made of fried shrimp, shrimp freshness then became one of the main factors. To make shrimp tempura or ebi furai, the shrimp should be used fresh. For this kind of udangnya can be customized with existing stock at home only. Udangnya itself should be cleaned from dirt and the head of the shrimp. To make the recipe shrimp tempura and ebi furainya later is not crooked when fried, the skin must be removed and reserving only the skin at the tail. Align the shrimp after washed up really straight and create 2 to 3 parts in her belly so keratan later not crooked when fried. So crispy shrimp that's been coated with tempura flour dough deep fried in oil that must be heated.

Ingredients to make tempura shrimp:

  • Its main ingredients are shrimps a pole vault, or fresh jerbung medium-size or large approximately as much as 400 grams.
  • Delicate to taste pepper to taste.
  • Cornstarch to taste as needed. It could be later combined with breadcrumbs or flour bread that is not too harsh so that thicker.
  • Iodized table salt to taste to taste.
  • Plain flour sifted already more or less as much as 1 cup (Dyer shrimp tempura).
  • Ice water more or less as much as 1 cup as well. Water must be really cold Yes (Dyer shrimp tempura).
  • Medium-size large chicken eggs in the cooler conditions of more or less as much as 1 grain (Dyer shrimp tempura).
  • Cooking oil to fry tempura shrimp.

How to make tempura shrimp simplified:
  1. First wash the prawns with fresh water and discard the head and his skin (except the tail skin and 1 finger above sections) and drain.
  2. Sayat tilted or some parts of kerat belly shrimp and the tail end so that water out and tiris.
  3. Align and expand the shrimp skewer then cutting board tray above the back udangnya with a toothpick so that straight.
  4. Press the chart back gently so that the shrimp is really straight.
  5. Take salt and sprinkle the prawns until blended (excluding the tail).
  6. Grab the pepper powder and sprinkle well until blended then a little squeeze gently so pervasive.
  7. Enter into the fridge for a bit so pervasive.
  8. Take a container and pour the ice water that was already prepared.
  9. Pour the eggs their chickens and shake until well blended.
  10. Take another container and pour the flour terigunya.
  11. Pour the eggs into the flour water while stirring until blended. Keep the temperature remains cool. Can dialasi with another container below containing ice cubes so keep it cool.
  12. Heat the wok and give the oil a bit much. Wait until the oil is really hot so that more crisp.
  13. Take the shrimp and sprinkle with cornstarch until blended throughout the body.
  14. Put shrimp into tempura batter basahnya. To make tempura more liking after dyed can be sprinkled again with breadcrumbs.
  15. Enter into the frying pan and cook until done and turns brownish. The key so that the batter is crunchy more Dyer that the cold and hot cooking oil.
  16. To keep the temperature of the oil, do not enter too many shrimp tempuranya Yes.
  17. Foster and serve sauce tempura, chilli sauce or mayonise.

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