Monday, September 4, 2017

5 Traditional Recipes to cultivate healthy Honey

Traditional honey recipes

5 Traditional Recipes to cultivate healthy Honey - Healty - The job never after making you feel tired and stressed? Target, deadline, something like that is indeed often experienced by the workers. Finally, they feel very tired. It's like wanting to throw a briefcase and lie without doing anything else again arriving in the House.

Than the grumpy, try searching for honey in your home kitchen. Since ancient times, honey is the natural ingredients are always used in Ayurvedic medicine. That's why, grandparent or our parents always feeding one spoon of honey before exiting the House.

Honey contains natural sugars that are rich in antioxidants. Honey also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition to the antioxidant, other compounds that can be found in honey is vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Honey & Salt
Take one tablespoon of honey, add a pinch of salt.
Consumption per day prior to sleep.
Mix honey and salt can get rid of tired and make sleeping more qualified.

Honey & Green Tea
One glass of water to the boil.
Add a tablespoon of green tea.
Bring to a boil again for 5 minutes.
Strain, add a tablespoon of honey, mix well.
Drink one to two glasses of green tea and honey mixture every day.

Honey & Milk
Mix one tablespoon of honey with a glass of warm milk.
Mix well.
Drink every morning after breakfast and before bedtime.

Honey, Ginger & Lemon
Provide one glass of warm water.
Add a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons juice of ginger and lemon.
Stir well, drink one or two times a day.

Honey & Cinnamon
Provide a glass of warm milk.
Add one tablespoon honey and half teaspoon cinnamon powder. Stir well, drink once a day before going to bed.

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