Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5 Tips to avoid Rotten Chili Store

5 Tips to avoid Rotten Chili Store - Tips - You and your family love the spicy cuisine? Chili is sure to be one of the ingredients is very important to you. The price of Chili can be up and down, sometimes costly, sometimes cheaper. Chili will be fast stinking if you save it. Or you felt it was storing the right way? But still just chili is not durable.

Well, the following tips are very fitting for you. Here we bonded tips save chili so as not to foul and durable. Very useful to you when chili prices are expensive. Passable kan could save expenses.

  1. Select the chili is still fresh and has a trunk. It turns out that the chili pepper is out of the trunk to be one of the causes of the rapid membusuknya chili.
  2. Never buy chili peppers wet or exposed to water. If so, the chili will be easy foul in a very short time.
  3. Clean wash the chilies before saved, then pat dry with a rag in the way so that no water is attached to.
  4. Keep the chili you buy in containers tightly closed so it is not exposed to moisture the air inside the refrigerator that can make it fast stinking.
  5. Avoid storing chillis already in pieces in the refrigerator because this will cause fast stinking chili and can affect the other Chili's chicanery.

Hopefully the tips from above we can be helpful to you and could save spending on kitchen. Good luck.

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