Monday, September 4, 2017

4 benefits of Onion Skin for beauty

4 benefits of Onion Skin for beauty

4 benefits of Onion Skin for beauty - Health - Onion skin is always regarded as useless junk. When in fact, the outermost skin layer onions, especially the onion has various benefits.

In fact the skin of the onion contains antioxidants more than bawangnya itself. In addition, the skin of the onion also contains anti-cancer, anti-fungal, antioxidants, and antibakterial.

The onion skin is yellow it could be beneficial for the health and beauty of women. Although it could not be eaten, but this onion skins can be used as a ' cure ' for beautiful skin and hair.

Check out the benefits for health and beauty:

1. Anti-swelling
Skin onions turned out to contain anti-cancer compounds are swelling. This can be used for people who frequently experience problems or allergic rash, skin exfoliation.

But that does not mean if you could eat the Peel. To get the benefits of anti-swelling, you must soak the onion skin in water and let stand overnight. Afterwards the water this marinade can be used for washing the skin.

2. Hair Conditioner
Onion skin water marinade can also be used to help nourish hair. This can be used as a substitute for the conditioner. After after shampooing, rinse your hair with water use skin onion marinade.

Onion skin of water will make the hair so much more ternutrisi and also softer.

3. Lower Cholesterol
Who would have thought it turned out onion skin can help lower bad cholesterol? No matter how easy, you only need to create the ' onion skin ' broth with onion skin to soak overnight.

This water should be drunk daily on a regular basis. It's like to be so does not meet your expectations. However, you can add sugar or honey to it.

4. Anti-Cancer
In addition to having the benefit of anti-swelling and contains antioxidants, skin onions also contain an enzyme called quercetin.

This enzyme is considered can help fight cancer cells in the body.

You can manipulate these onion skin tea into the skin of the onion. How, collect skin onions then put it in a glass and seduh with hot water, let stand 15 minutes. This way the same way that is used when making tea brewed.

After that strain and drink before going to bed. This tea is also good to help you with problems with insomia.

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