Friday, September 29, 2017

4 Apple Vinegar Diet Recipe

Apple Vinegar

4 Apple Vinegar Diet Recipe - Health - Apple vinegar has been shown to have many benefits for the body, either of which can be slimming and weight loss. This is because the Apple vinegar is rich in acidic aseat and pectin that serves the glut at the same time improve the metabolism of the body. Apple vinegar to your diet can be in the form of fresh drinks or mixed into the food, the following 4 Apple Vinegar Diet Recipe:

Drink with Mineral water
The benefits of Apple vinegar to your diet can be felt with the drink it straight, blended with mineral water. How, mix 1-3 teaspoon apple vinegar with a glass of mineral water. However, we recommend that you select the Apple vinegar that has not been filtered because they contain sediments, parent or remnants of bacteria from the fermentation process. Its benefits will be a little different with Apple vinegar that has been filtered and pasteurized, more original.

Mix Fruit Juices
Apple vinegar to your diet can also with fresh fruit juices. Could use orange juice or grapefruit. How, plus two spoons of vinegar into a glass of juice. We recommend that you avoid the juice from the fruit cocktail, because it contains a lot of sugar. Choose a juice that is rich in vitamin C so that its benefits are more felt.

Make Salad Dressing
Salads can indeed so proper diet food options, but often does not feel its benefits because it uses the wrong dressing. Use salad dressings with mayonaise instead add to the fat in the food. Use two spoons of vinegar for salad dressings so that slim body faster.

Dip Snacks to the Apple vinegar
The consumption of bread or biscuits along with Apple vinegar can also for slimming body. By mixing the snack with a little apple vinegar, the body will feel full faster and can withstand hunger longer.

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