Friday, August 25, 2017

Young Coconut Ice Recipe

Young Coconut Ice Recipe - Asian Food - Fresh coconut ice during the day certainly was refreshing. Oblige in holiday will certainly be very scrumptious. A es kelapa muda with gula merah are legit could become a very refreshing beverage for your guests. How to make it very easy.

To select a young coconut, can be seen from the handle. Choose stalks still looks fresh and supple. Already withered stalks signifies the coconut is plucked long enough or is already a bit old. The second way by patting on the husk. The coconut is still fresh and young will produce the sound. This is due to the content of coconut water which is still a lot. While the coconut which is already a bit old will produce sound more sonorous.

Young Coconut Ice Recipe

  • 200 gr young coconut, shaved lengthwise
  • 100 gr of seaweed
  • 400 ml coconut water young
  • 500 gr of shaved ice
  • 100 gr sugar, shaved, dissolve with warm water

How to make a young coconut ice

  • Prepare 5 pieces glass serving, arrange the young coconut, seaweed in a glass. Give young coconut water, shaved ice and red sugar solution.
  • Serve immediately.

Young coconut ice so that you make more, you could add a garnish to your liking. For example; seaweed, candied kolang-kaling sliced thin, basil, black grass jelly beans, and others. If it will be directly presented, you can use the shaved ice, so that your coconut ice display better. But if not directly served the use of ice-cube will be more practical. Good luck with this young coconut ice recipe

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