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Typical Sate Madura Recipes

Typical Sate Madura Recipes

Typical Sate Madura Recipes - Asian Food - Most people probably already know Indonesia even tasted the food. Yes, the food indeed became one of the culinary specialties of the country. But, of course, the sate are there in Indonesia is quite diverse ranging from sate Madura, sate Ponorogo, sate Padang, sate lilit Balinese, or some processed sate of various other areas. Each dish is Satay usually has its own specificity and uniqueness makes consumer demand could know the Satay dishes consumed is the sate of which areas. And, this time, we will discuss one of processed food and sate of Madura.

If you are also interested to try typical sate Madura and this special, you do not need to be away looking for the Satay stalls provide this menu. You can make yourself in your home. You do not need to worry because to make typical sate Madura didn't need a special experience because the way to cultivate the typical Satay Recipe Madura arguably quite easily. It's just that, in making satay, stau to note is how the combustion process and satay. If you are wrong in the process of burning of satay, sate then you make will be less delicious.
This time we will present Typical Sate Madura Recipes by main ingredient of chicken meat. The following are some of the ingredients needed and how to make.

Ingredients for Making Typical Sate Madura
To create a typical chicken sate Madura, you should prepare some materials:

  • Half a kilogram of chicken meat, wash clean and take the flesh only, diced or small box
  • Skewer to taste, about 20 fruits
  • One lime fruit, dividing into two parts
  • White rice or lontong
  • In addition to some of the ingredients above, you must also prepare some materials to make peanut chicken satay spices typical of Madura. The ingredients and seasonings needed among others are:
  • As many as 150 grams of peanut, FRY until done
  • As many as three grains of red onion
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • Sweet soy sauce as much as two tablespoons or can be added according to taste, mix with peanut
  • Sweet soy sauce as much as two tablespoons or to taste, for serving
  • The thin combed brown sugar by as much as two teaspoons of
  • Two-grain Pecan
  • Chicken bouillon as much as 150 ml
  • Salt to taste
  • Cooking oil as much as three tablespoons

For complete enjoyment of the Madura typical chicken satay, you should also prepare some material here to make onion sauce:

  • Small red chili as much as 10 pieces
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • Salt to taste

How To Make Chicken Sate Madura Specials

  • You can get started by setting up peanuts. The trick is You puree shallots, garlic, ground nuts that have been fried, nutmeg, and salt to taste. Upon attainment of all the ingredients into a smooth, you prepare a frying pan with oil, You Saute seasoning smooth until fragrant. Then, you can add the bouillon and cook until seasoning beans thickened. After tasting and it was already fit, you can lift it.
  • You can also prepare the onion sauce Satay dishes as a complement. To make the onion sambal is easy because you only need to sauteing the onions prepared nipples until half-cooked then lift and puree along with red pepper and salt.
  • To make the marinade that will sate the Dyer is burned, you can take two tablespoons of peanuts and mixing it with two spoons of sweet soy sauce.
  • After that, take the chicken pieces that are already laid out in the piercing Satay dip on peanuts that have been blended soy sauce, then grilled Satay until half cooked. Lift the half-cooked meat and you dip it back in the spice of Dyer and grilled until cooked perfect. Do the same thing to the entire Senate be perfectly ripe.
  • Now, it's time You present the typical chicken satay Madura together peanut, sweet soy sauce, sliced fresh shallot onion, chili sauce, lime juice, and of course white rice or lontong.

Not to hard not to manipulate the typical chicken satay recipe Madura? You can try at home for family or for variation of the dishes a few important events at home.

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