Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tips On Storing Vegetables In Order To Hold It Longer


Tips On Storing Vegetables In Order To Hold It Longer - Tips - Regular weekly or monthly shopping done people who do not have a lot of loose time to go to the market every day buying raw food ingredients.

All the purchased raw food menu as vegetables, of course not directly processed and eaten. Occasionally, food is kept in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

So that the vegetables are durable and worthy of consumption, you need to know a few tricks of storing vegetables well and true.

1. The Onion
The type of food that has a sharp smell like onion and white good stored out in the open so as not to foul. Place the onions into the plastic and the room is dark, don't worry about the smell of onions will not be lost and not cause a bitter taste if placed in a dark room.

2. Potato
Do not wash the potato before it is stored in the refrigerator, just let the potatoes were still in baluran land and save it in the plastic container or in the wood. This is done so that the potatoes cannot fast stinking.

3. Carrot
To keep the more durable should cut the top and down on a plastic airtight. This will make the carrots become more durable, at least a little over two weeks.

4. Cabbage
For these types of food mandatory is placed in the refrigerator, but before the end of the cut and put in airtight plastic.

5. Cucumber
Try not to place them too close together with bananas, melons, and tomatoes, because this kind of food contains ethylene gas.

6. Celery
Good celery in the refrigerator with the Save wrapped it in aluminum foil to avoid meeting, more decay more quickly.

7. Asparagus
Pootng first the bottom one inch only, and then take one glass of water filled, place the asparagus into it and store it in the refrigerator. Whether the seven types of food over frequently bought and consumed a companion of Dream? Yuk save so durable and of course save the cost of shopping.

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