Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Cuisine Of Japan Gyuniku Tofu Shicmiyaki

The Cuisine Of Japan Gyuniku Tofu Shicmiyaki - Asian Food - Japan Cuisine recipes Gyuniku Tofu Shicmiyaki Delicious Original Japan Cuisine – this one might be very familiar to you, yes indeed this cuisine is less popular. However if you are a frequent visitor at the Japanese restaurant, this dish is one of the Favorites of many.

Not a few people who want to know this Japanese recipes, well for those of you who want to try making this shicmiyaki gyuniku tofu dishes, you can see the guide how to make it below.

The materials required to make the gyuniku tofu shicmiyaki:

  • 300 g firm Tofu
  • 80 grams of beef rib, then your slice
  • 50 g leeks, sliced and then you
  • 5 g Tonggarashi (Dried chili powder)
  • 10 ml Sake (Typical Jepag Wine)
  • 10 ml Soyu (Kikoman soy sauce)
  • 10 ml Mirin
  • 10 grams of Dasinomoto (Typical Japan Broth Seasoning)

How to make tofu gyuniku shicmiyaki:

  • First your tofu cut into 6 parts, then you roast the above pan (frying pan) with the added spice of soyu, sake, mirin, dasinomoto, tonggarashi and also sliced scallions.
  • Then you stir it all up and allow it to mature.
  • Foster and serve in hot plate.

Well such is the process of making the shicmiyaki tofu gyuniku tasty and delicious, please try it yourself in the kitchen.

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