Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tamarind Syrup Recipe

Tamarind Syrup

Tamarind Syrup Recipe - Indonesia has diverse traditional dishes and drinks. Drinks sugar acid is one of the traditional drink type can not be separated from the culinary archipelago. A drink made from tamarind is a type of drink that is capable of spoiling the tongue. Sweet and sour blends into the blend of flavors was so fresh. The freshness of this acid syrup recipe will be fresh if presented with the chill of ice cubes, and enjoyed in the middle of the hot air temperature. Acid syrup can we encounter in the form of ready-made/instant at the supermarket. But it would be better if we make the syrup itself. The following recipe ingredients and how to make tamarind syrup.

Tamarind Syrup Recipe

  • 500 grams of tamarind
  • 1000 ml water
  • 700 grams granulated sugar

How to make Tamarind

  • Mix the acid with 1000 ml of water and 500 grams of sugar, stir.
  • Cook in a medium heat until the water decoction of crushed and acid thickens. Lift, chill, and strain.
  • Serve with added water, can be warm and cold drinks.

Well, how? Make sour sugar drinks is indeed not difficult isn't it? This tamarind syrup can also be served in a warm State. All depends on your taste. You can try it at home when you're relaxing. Good luck!

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