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Seafood Cooking Tips

Seafood Cooking Tips

Seafood Cooking Tips - Tips - Sea food is food that is quite popular in Asia though many are less like it with seafood allergy reasons. Various kinds of processed sea food is found in Indonesia, snacks to companion side dishes alone.

Although seafood is often considered a difficult process, but people still love this food. Seafood is high in protein, low in fat, so it is a source of food that is healthy for the heart.

Don't believe it if some say seafood processed hard. You can listen to the secrets of cooking easy seafood at once. The following tip cooking seafood.

Networks and the fat on the meat of the fish quite a bit. So there is a clear boundary between the fish perfectly ripe or overcooked. When cooking fish, regulations are less than 10 minutes to make sure the fish is ripe right down to the core.

When cooked, shrimp meat turns pink and the color becomes softer texture. Signs that shrimp is ripe is opaque in its entirety. Take 2-5 minutes to boil or steaming a half pounds shrimp (depending on size).

Same as the shrimp, as cooked scallops the color becomes a bit opaque. The size of the mussels to determine the length of cooking. Sea shells takes minimal 2-3 minutes until cooked through. While the small size of the shells can be cooked within 2-3 minutes.

Mussels takes somewhat longer than the scallops when cooked, i.e. approximately 5-7 minutes. To prevent a sense of gritty on mussels, soak first in cold water to clean the mussels from the sand.

That's the secret to cooking seafood. Don't be afraid of experimenting to Cook!

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