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Rice Recipe Megono Pekalongan

Rice Recipe Megono Pekalongan

Rice Recipe Megono Pekalongan - Asian Food - Megono rice recipe option in the present rice with a taste more delicious and unique appearance. Culinary creations from rice, who indeed became the staple food of Indonesia society so much. Each region has specialities from the rice. One of the most typical and unique is the megono rice. Comes from the city of Batik, Pekalongan. Rice became one of the popular attraction for curious tourists with its cuisine. Differences of rice this rice recipe creations with others present on the jackfruit become urap its alloy. Rice was once ready would normally be served with Coconut Curry goat. How to cook it the same as the usual way of cooking rice steamed in. It was so tasty because in part it will be sprinkled with grated coconut. People in Pekalongan, often making the rice megono as the menu at breakfast. For everyday, usually side dishes complement only chicken and fried tempe only.

Traditional megono rice recipe was very delicious if enjoyed with traditional ways as well. That is, using banana leaves as pincuk or wrappings, his plate. If you come to Pekalongan, you can find this menu at food stalls, restaurants, and restaurants with specialties Pekalongan. However, for those of you who have never come to it, or never came but didn't get to enjoy it, it can also make it at home. Here's how it's so easy for you to follow with the countless fast cooking time. The most megono rice recipe is made jackfruit urap youth. The following ingredients and how to make it.

The Main Ingredient In Making Rice Megono

  • Young jackfruit or gori, 1.5 kg. Select the really young to cook with the outcome of the tender and soft texture. If it is hard, the results of the Cook so unpalatable.
  • Shredded coconut, 1 fruit. Choose coconuts that are young, never too old.
  • Red onion, 5 cloves sliced thin.
  • 5 green chilies, fruit. Thinly sliced.
  • Red chili, 5 pieces. Thinly sliced.
  • Cayenne pepper, 5 pieces. Thinly sliced. The amount could be adjusted if you want spicy flavor then add in numbers.
  • The flower of etlingera elatior.
  • Bay leaf, 3 sheets.

Herbs that must be crushed:

  • Red onion, 4 cloves.
  • Garlic, 2 cloves.
  • Pecans, 3 grains. Fried or roasted first.
  • Galangal, 1.
  • Kaempferia galanga, 1.
  • Lime leaves, 2 sheets.
  • Shrimp paste, 1 tablespoon. Estimate the sum according to taste. For those who don't like it, can remove this material.
  • Round pepper, 1 teaspoon.
  • Coriander, 1 teaspoon.
  • Salt, to taste.

The process of cooking and how to present Rice Megono:

  • Prepare rice steamer.
  • Insert it into the steamer all the material, including that sliced or mashed. Enter without being mixed afterwards.
  • All the ingredients are steamed about 30 to 40 minutes, until all the ingredients are cooked.
  • If all the ingredients are already cooked, lift and place it in a container that is large enough. Recently, then you can stir all ingredients.
  • While stirring or mixing it up, while you can taste it. If it's less salty, can all add salt.
  • To prepare the dish, the rice in the middle section with the appropriate portion you need. Tata young jackfruit, which is already so last at the periphery or it. Complete with side dishes such as fried tofu or tempeh, fried chicken, salted fish, boiled egg, salted eggs, scrambled eggs, until the crackers. Sprinkle well at the top with fried onions or coconut to serundeng results more savory. If you want to taste the pungent, can also give complement sambal. Give irisian cucumbers or tomatoes for serving a meal more balanced with vegetables as well as make his appearance more attractive.
  • As it turns out, for the specialties you won't need all the way it comes to Pekalongan directly. Make at home of course in addition to seasoning materials can be customized with taste, all the qualities of the material are also more secure. In addition to rice megono, lumpia semarang is a recipe that comes from Semarang, Central Java that You try also at home.

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