Thursday, August 17, 2017

In Japan, this Restaurant you will feel the Nostalgia of the Showa era

In Japan, this Restaurant you will feel the Nostalgia of the Showa era - If you guys would pay a visit to Japan, there was one restaurant chain uniquely Hanbey. This Japan-themed cuisine restaurant of the Showa era (1926-1989) so that you guys can feel nostalgia are usually only seen in drama or movie.

If you guys come both or more, you can enter the room private (not available in some branches). The decoration of the rooms start from jadul poster until the ancient ceiling fan makes you guys really like entering a different era.

In addition to the decor, the menu is also different from restaurant Japan in General. Surely you guys can food message standards such as Karaage, Sashimi, and Yakitori, but other than that a lot of the menu bring up feelings for the people of Japan nostalgis.

We are there with the model of the Aina, and here's some of this menu:

  • Agepan: bread with a thin crispy skin and the soft contents. Often appears in ELEMENTARY lunch menu.
  • Neko Manma: rice Means cat. If in Indonesia perhaps we could mix the rice with soy sauce only if you want to eat a rush. Well in Japan parents can mix rice with Katsuobushi (thin slices of dried fish) to make fast-food cuisine created his son, and this is Neko Manma.
  • Kaeru: fried Frog. Frog already skinned and his head was not served, so it looks like fried chicken. It feels too good.

The price is also very cheap, for example 54 yen for Yakitori, so you guys can try different types of food. It didn't quite go there only once because although this time we ordered pretty much, there are still many other unique menu (for example, insects!) who have not yet had a chance to try. Check the nearest branch of Japan's restaurant is on his website.

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