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How To Make Juice Noni Is Good For The Health Of The Body

Juice Noni Is Good For The Health

How To Make Juice Noni Is Good For The Health Of The Body - In Java, the fruit of the noni fruit, better known as pace. Noni fruit aromas are very strong and have a soft flesh of the fruit. Because of the aroma, the fruit is not many people liked.

Nevertheless, the fruit of the noni is very beneficial to the health of the body. Noni fruit from the formerly used as a natural herbal remedy used to launch the circulatory, anti inflammation, treat high blood, and many more.

Some people are forced to eat the fruit of noni are awful. But there are other ways which can make you prefer with the fruit. Noni fruit turns out to be processed into juice, here's how to make noni juice.

The first noni juice recipe:

  • Two fruit noni which has matured
  • Two glasses of boiled water is being
  • Turmeric is already peeled and bruised
  • Lemongrass a stalk an already bruised
  • Red ginger
  • Nutmeg flower
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Granulated sugar

How to make:

  • Noni fruit Blender already cleared from the skin and the seeds. Filter and separate from ampasnya.
  • Boil all spices such as turmeric, Lemongrass, red ginger, nutmeg flower, cinnamon, cardamom.
  • Mix the two and add with the granulated sugar. Drink twice a day.

Noni juice on top has great benefits for the body. As already described above, that the sufferer of high blood pressure should consume juice. Because if consumed on a regular basis can cure the disease in derita.

Thus information on noni juice is good for health, may be useful.

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