Friday, August 11, 2017

How to make Avocado Juice is healthy and the many benefits

Avocado Juice is healthy

How to make Avocado Juice is healthy and the many benefits - How to make a healthy avocado juice is very easy, because there are not many ingredients needed to be able to enjoy a healthy beverage and many of these benefits. Avocado is essentially to make the juice, in addition to delicious avocado fruit is one of the many benefits, among them i.e. avocado can treat urinary stone disease, hypertension, headache, stomach pain, nerve pain and many more. Given the myriad benefits of avocado fruit is, there are still just don't like avocado fruit. Well to cope with it, perhaps, for those who do not like this avocado fruit can enjoy it by the way in the juice.

Also this fruit juice recipes are not complicated at all in making it, the base material used i.e. Avocado Fruit. This healthy juice you can also enjoy a relaxing moment at home or at the Office.

Ingredients to make avocado juice:

  • 2 big size Avocado fruit
  • Shaved ice to taste
  • Sweetened condensed milk chocolate flavor

Ingredients Sugar Water:

  • 500 ml boiled water
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • Perhaps for those who still lay with the term sugar water surely you wonder how the heck how to make sugar water, now we give you tips how to make sugar water, namely by means of water and sugar are mixed together and then you heat the above APIs that are, after that you stir well so that the sugar is not sticky, then you raise when sugar had been dissolved.

How to make avocado juice is healthy and a lot of benefits:

  • The first side of your first alpukatnya fruit into 2 parts, well then you grab its contents to be discarded, and you take the way of the flesh scraped away.
  • Then you enter the meat of the fruit of yesteryear into blender and mix sugar water to taste, then blender.
  • When the process reaches pemblenderan ¾ turn off the blender, put the ice shavings and then blend again.
  • You prepare 2 cups, then on the inside of your glass lumeri milk cocoa.
  • Enter the results of blenderan juice avocado last into the glasses.
  • Serve

A little tip from us, to pick fruit avocados grown select, there are no signs of defects and ripe green skin color/dark. Because the selection process this very influential avocado fruit once against taste.

Good luck.

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