Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Cook Instant Noodles For Men

Instan Noodle

How To Cook Instant Noodles For Men - Tips - Cook instant noodles is actually a very easy job. Even if you aren't lazy, there are hints of manufacture on the back of the wrapper that you can read. But for some men, even the instructions as it is still too difficult for they can understand. The following steps make instant noodles that You should be able to understand.

1. Put the water into the pot or pan
The first step to cook instant noodles are prepared with water and put it in a pan or wok. If you do not know which to use, anyway look for cooking tools made of iron and can accommodate about 500 cc of water or water twice the usual Cup of coffee you use.

2. Turn on the fire
Put a pan or iron of yesteryear on the stove. After that, turn on the fire in the stove. The trick is to push the round knob and rotate to the right until the sound is ' fire burning ' and ctek. Make sure the first gas is already connected to the stove and not leaking.

3. Wait for the water to boil
Wait until the water you boil last boil. The boiling temperature of water is 100 degrees Celsius. Signs of boiling water is the emergence of a bubble of water. But if you are not sure that the water is really boiling, you can try using digital temperature meter temperature gauge whether gun and really 100.

4. Stir in noodles
Once you are sure that the water is completely boil, stir in the noodles into it. Do not forget to open the wrapper first and separate the seasoning from noodle. Enter slowly with an angle of about 45 degrees from the surface next to the Pan or skillet. This way to ensure that you are not exposed to splashes of water to a boil.

5. Prepare marinade
Prepare a marinade that you have separate earlier on a plate or bowl that you will use to eat noodles. Be sure to use a bowl of noodles if you have lots of gravy.

6. Stir in noodles until done
Stir the noodles you have enter into the boiling water. Stir slowly and occasionally sekencang only, do not the washing machine you have. Don't forget to make sure the level of maturity of Your noodles. The easiest way is to take one and try to bite. If it is soft it means already matured enough.

7. Waste water
The intent of the waste water here is not for you, but to get rid of the water that has been used to boil the noodles. A quick way is to tilt the skillet and a saucepan You then use a fork to prevent noodles You fall. But if it's hard enough you do, take the filter and pour the noodles You onto it. Of course the filter in question here is the wide filters for the food and not the filter or filters for beverages were installed in the tap water.

8. pour the noodles to top spice
Once filtered, put Your noodles on top of the bowl or plate place the seasoning. After that seasoning mix until well blended with the noodles. You can then eat it immediately.

If after reading these steps and you still don't understand how to make instant noodles, preferably immediately search the nearby stalls and instant noodles in there.

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