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Asian-Style Fettucini

Asian-Style Fettucini

Asian-Style Fettucini - Asian Food - fettucine was one of hundreds of kinds of pasta. Its shape is similar to the flat wide egg noodles. Of course like the paste another fettucine could processed with adding various sauces. Can a seafood sauce, sauce bolognese or carbonara. Traditionally made fresh fettuccine (either at home or commercially), but dried fettuccine can also be purchased in stores. Want to try it? Please follow the steps below.

Fettucini Menu Ingredients In Asia

1.50 grams of squid.
2. Four tablespoons fish sauce.
3. Chicken bouillon powder.
4. Maggi Seasoning Liquid two teaspoons.
5. Fetuccini 225 grams.
6. Salt.
7. Peel shrimp for 50 grams.
8. two tablespoons oyster sauce.
9. five tablespoons of cooking oil.
10. three Garlic cloves.
11.100 tablespoon Peas.
12.100 grams Leeks.
13. Proteina 100 grams.
14. two litres of Water.
15.100 grams of Carrots.
16. Green Mustard 100 grams.

Steps To Make Fettucini In Asia
1. prepare the ingredients: Pasta, garlic, chopped fine, carrot matchsticks in slices, sliced green mustard, sliced scallions, too delicate, too, shrimp and sliced tiny squid.
2. peas and proteina To proteina in soak first in cold water 10 minutes Washing clean peas.
3. Cook fettucini, pasta in boiling water, do not forget to input 1 tablespoon vegetable oil so that it doesn't stick to his fettucini, Cook for 30 minutes, let me not hard raw & pasta, drain. time drained give garlic oil 2 tbsp.
4. Sauté garlic until fragrant, place squid and shrimp stir-stir 10 seconds.
5. put carrot stir 5 minutes, then the input stem mustard greens, peas stir 5 minutes, stir in mustard leaf input last 3 minutes, new input fettucini, stirring 5 minutes, stir in fish sauce stir 5 minutes.
6. Input magie seasoning liquid, stirring 2 minutes.
7. put oyster sauce, stirring 3 minutes, give the water 200 ml, input salt chicken bouillon powder, & closed briefly. Once cooked, the water dries up, lift the serve.
8. Ready to be enjoyed with the crackers soggy kapuas hulu, delicious.
9. tips: time pasta was made from boiled, drained, add 2 tbsp oil onion, diaduk-aduk with chopsticks, let me not sticky, fragrant.

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