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4 Tips for choosing a quality date palm

4 Tips for choosing a quality date palm

4 Tips for choosing a quality date palm - Tips - Dates that have a latin name Phoenix dactylifera is a plant of palma (Palma) in the genus Phoenix. The fruit is known by the name of the fruit of the date palm is commonly consumed as sweets, mainly in the fasting month. Dates are often food for Iftar. It tastes sweet because natural sugar content in it is believed can rejuvenate the body after a long day of fasting.

The date palm is one of the most sought-after fruit when the month of Ramadan. Fruit with the taste of sweet usually sold in self-service stores, markets, or the side of the road.

Unfortunately, not all of the dates offered traders have good quality. You should carefully choose, so as not to be fooled by a rotten dates ' transformed ' to make it look attractive. The following Merdeka.com share how to pick good dates.

1. not sticky and tough
Dried dates are typically a little wet because of the liquid sugar flowing out. But the surface dates will not be sticky or hard.

Caution If you find the dates that are too sticky and tough. Most likely the trader has been mengolesinya with honey or sugar syrup.

2. Skin still good
Good dates can be distinguished from the surface of the skin is not damaged or broken. Color each of the dates any uniform.

3. The packaging of the meeting
Make sure you always choose dates that are sold by the Pack meeting. Dates sold openly the possibility already exposed to germs and dust.

4. Expiration date
Dates are packed with good quality is not necessarily any good anyway. Check the date kadalwarsanya.

That's some of the things you need to consider when buying date palm. Save the dates in a sealed container. In room temperature, dates can last up to 2 months. If you want a more durable, save the dates that have been packed tightly in the refrigerator.

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