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8 Dangerous Diet Methods, you need to Know!

8 Dangerous Diet Methods, you need to Know!

8 Dangerous Diet Methods, you need to Know!The following will explain about dangerous diet methods you should know if not done properly. Admit it, who would not be tempted by the way-the quick and easy way to lose weight? Because of this high demand, it's no wonder diet method that promises results drastically expanded rapidly in the middle of the community.

But you must know, it turns out that a number of diet method does not just make a hungry stomach, but even harmful for the body. Like the 8 following diet method.

1. Tapeworm Diet
Quoting LiveStrong.com, this method reportedly has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. They are committed to doing it will swallow the pill of tapeworms.

So the tapeworm will grow and mature in the intestine, all-consuming food products until the target weight of dieters achieved. This method is very terrible because the worm can grow into all six metres if not immediately treated!

2. Hollywood Diet
Jamie and Larry, creator of the Hollywood Diet, claiming that their products and regimen will help reduce weight miraculously. You have to fast for 24 hours or more, thus helping weight loss 1-4 pounds in no time!

You should know, this method can make the body so the drop because the body in condition is very hungry to achieve instant weight reduction.

3. Cotton Ball Diet
Many people think that diet is the only key to minimize the volume of food that goes into the digestive tract. Not surprisingly, assumptions like this triggers such misleading Cotton Ball diet dieting.

Adherents of this method will add cotton balls on his drink to suppress hunger. But in fact, cotton sold on the market contain chemical substances should not get into the body, to make the bowel is clogged.

4. Feeding Tube
This method requires food hose or tube (tube). For example, the source of food low in calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate is pumped through the tube without the size of spaghetti that is inserted through the nose and into the stomach empty.

The body you would enter mode to ketosis, which allows faster fat burning. However, this diet method is very dangerous disease sufferers make low-sugar, low in calcium. In fact, it can make the body drop within a short time,.

5. Diet Lemon
Based on the book "The Master Cleanser" by Stanley Burroughs, lemon diet is often done because it is considered a fast weight loss. Because you guys are living supplying the body with lemon juice instead.

Whereas drinking lemon juice not only can eliminate fats, but also eliminate the muscle mass and power.

6. Sleeping Beauty
Arguably this diet method is one of the most dangerous methods to do. Because we are forced to drink certain medications so that sleep is not just within the size, but also the day!

In these conditions, the body is so limp and decreased metabolism in the extreme. Often these conditions make the perpetrator of his diet had died too soon lose nutrition.

7. The Cabbage Diet
Indeed, it takes a lot of cabbage will not kill you. However, eating one type of food like that implemented in this diet can make a body deficient intake of essential nutrients.

Consequently, even less effective for weight loss. If you guys keep doing this diet Stickler, try to balance with food intake-protein food or berkarbohidrat.

8. Tea Toxing
Later, the digadang-gadang herbal teas can make us gain weight. However, the method of tea toxing this potentially losing the excess electrolyte in the body.

Consequently, we can feel the muscle cramps to a heart attack. If you guys "the lucky few", at best this is a method of impact of water too often or not is stuck.

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What foods are dangerous to eat raw?

What foods are dangerous to eat raw

What foods are dangerous to eat raw? - The following will be discussed about, what foods are dangerous to eat raw? Watch out for those of you who love raw food. It all may already know that indeed raw food should not be consumed because it still contains a variety of toxins or even other content that is difficult to digest and can potentially cause digestive disorders and other diseases. Some foods contain harmful bacteria even if it is still raw.

The following will try to present a list of foods that are not supposed to be consumed raw because it is harmful to the body.

Potatoes should not be eaten raw because raw starch in it can cause digestive problems such as bloating and excessive gas.

Some people often consume sprouts in raw state which is actually dangerous. Raw sprouts contain lots of harmful bacteria like salmonella, e. coli, and listeria species. Before eating sprouts it's good clean wash and cook it first Ladies.

Red Bean
Red beans cannot be eaten raw because it can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Raw beans contain protein toxins that would be ruined if exposed to heat or temperature through the process of cooking.

Raw milk is unpasteurized milk contain bacteria cause diseases such as e. coli and listeria.

Tubers like taro and cassava may not be eaten raw because their skins contain calcium oxalate that SAP will make skin numbness, itching and irritation. These foods can even interfere with the kidney. The raw cassava contains hydrogen cyanide which potentially cause unconsciousness due to disrupt circulation of oxygen in the body.

Never eat mushrooms raw because they contain toxins that can cause abdominal pain to interfere with the digestive system.

Meat of any kind should indeed do not eaten raw because they contain bacteria that cause the disease. We never know the bacteria and the disease potential of what brought the animals in their body. Therefore we recommend that the meat is cooked until done.

Facts, Food Poisoning Warmed Up The Rice!

Facts, Food Poisoning Warmed Up The Rice!
Facts, Food Poisoning Warmed Up The Rice!
Facts, food poisoning warmed up the rice! - Health - The following reasons why food poisoning warmed up rice. So definitely a staple food rice every day right? Dont ever get full it feels if you don't eat rice. That's why every home will definitely Cook a lot of rice to eat everyday supplies. But what if the rest of it? A lot of people is definitely a shame to throw it, and eventually warm the rice back to be eaten.

But you must carefully nih, due to warm the rest of the rice can be dangerous and toxic according to the National Health Service (NHS). You should pay attention to how the way you save the first time rice once cooked.

Rice immature (still so rice), containing such spores called Bacillus cereus, a bacteria that can cause food poisoning, and was even able to stay afloat after the rice is cooked. If the rice has been cooked left in room temperature, these spores can grow as bacteria, which will quickly divide and produce toxins that cause nausea, vomiting to diarrhea.

The longer the rice is ripe is left in place the room-temperature, the more likely the bacteria develop, make the rice more unsafe food. Then how do I save a safe so that the rice does not become toxic?

The NHS suggests, the new rice would be better if cooked immediately served and eaten while warm. If too hot, can under-anginkan, but should be directly edible. If Cook much, rice remains stored in the rice cooker only, don't be left in the cold room temperature.

If any rice left cold in room temperature and wanted to warm up again, make sure that the rice is cooked with a temperature high heat so the bacteria die, for example, made into fried rice. But keep in mind, not to mention warm up rice that's been warmed. Once warmed up enough rice. It's her you can make guidelines.

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5 Food to Stop Smelly Farts

Food to Stop Smelly Farts
Food to Stop Smelly Farts
5 Food to Stop Smelly FartsFor those of you kentutnya smell, please refer to the fine food to stop smelly farts. Actually fart is a normal thing for a human being. Fart occurs due to wind in the belly in a long time, because the digestive system which is less good.

Fart can sound and no. If no sound, usually smells more no. But don't worry, if you have the smell of a fart unpleasant, try to consume the foods below:

1. Yogurt


The yogurt serves to neutralize the bacteria in the gut, so that it can improve digestive function. As a result, farts will not smell.

2. Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint leaves have antioxidants and phytonutrients that function can also improve the digestive system. Your stomach would secure, any convenient fart.

3. Fruits


There are fruits contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body. So, it could improve, maintain the health condition of the body, and the digestive system. In between such as papayas, starfruit, melons, bananas, and tomatoes. Reduce consumption of meat, eggs, and nuts.

4. Garlic


Garlic effective reduce the bloated stomach by absorbing the gas held long in the digestive tract. Do not believe? Just try it.

5. White water

White water becomes the most important source for the body. White water shortages could impact fatal for body metabolism. So multiply drinking Yes, that scent you fart does not interfere with the comfort around.

5 famous sauce in the world

5 famous sauce in the world - You fans of spicy foods? Has it been tried the famous sauce in the world following?

5 Special Food Recipes Using Mango

5 Special Food Recipes Using Mango
5 Special Food Recipes Using Mango
5 Special Food Recipes Using Mango - For those of you who love the freshness of the fruit mango, note the special food recipes using mango.

Viral, Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World

Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World
Viral, Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World

Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World You are a fan of ice cream, don't miss top 10 delicious ice cream in the world here. Who the hell is that not like ice cream? Cold dessert with a lot of flavor to this favorite of many people. Delicacy and freshness cannot be ignored.

Maybe you think that all the ice cream in the world is the same. But in fact it is not. There are characteristic of ice cream each country. Reported by the Insider, this is the difference from other types of ice cream are popular around the world.

1. Mochi Ice Cream-Japan

Mochi Ice Cream-Japan

The mochi is traditional rice cake originating from Japan. Initially, mochi is made from rice flour dough that contains red beans and sprinkled with cornmeal. But as time went on, came the new innovations in the field, namely the mochi ice cream.

As a result, more and more people love the cakes of mochi. It feels a little rubbery, sticky, and ice cream will be melting when chewed. Aja where one enough?

2. Frozen Yogurt-United States

Frozen Yogurt-United States

For you lovers of yogurt, must have been on cobain froyo right? Frozen yogurt or froyo this is one kind of ice cream that is low in fat and has a sharp taste, than regular ice cream.

Frozen yogurt was first launched under the name Frogurt in the Eastern United States in the 1970s. then became popular since the food healthy on the hectic 1980s. Once try would instantly hooked deh. Moreover, plus assorted toping, fruit, syrup, and more. Yummy!

3. Gelato-Italy


Compared to ice cream, gelato is now more immediacy. Gelato in Italy language means frozen. Don't get me wrong, it turns out the ice cream and gelato it is different, lho! There lies the difference in ingredients, preparation, and textures.

Gelato made at higher temperatures than regular ice cream. So, tesktur gelato is smoother and less ' deadly ' tastes in the mouth.

However, you will find a lot of the experience of tasting a variety of flavors served gelato. Gelato also has a lower fat content than ice cream. So you prefer ice cream or gelato?

4. the Sorbetes-Philippines

the Sorbetes-Philippines

When the ice cream with the flavor of the creamy from milk was introduced from the West, the local Asian community, specifically in the Philippines makes its own version with a mixture of cow's milk with coconut milk or caracao.

Ice cream is popular as a roadside food which is served with bread or wafer cone. Some of the gelato parlour is also always presents the sorbet as an alternative to another dessert. Who ya ever cobain ice sorbet?

5. Spaghetti-Eis-Germany


It tastes the same anyway with ice cream in General that is creamy and soft. But that makes drool is its like spaghetti. Form spaghetti is made from potato printing press.

Usually the dominant spaghetti ice cream with the flavor of vanilla ice cream as his noodles. Then smothered with jam as strawberries sauce coconut or sprinkles, and white chocolate as a substitute for cheese. Original, delicious.

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6. Paletas-Mexico


Almost the same as popsicles, but paletas are made from fresh fruits. There are two types of paletas, i.e. paletas de aguas (consisting of water and juices) and paletas de leche/de crema (consisting of milk and cream).

For the first time you try, you'll feel the paletas any surprise flavor. Namely taste salty and a little spicy. Already been tried?

7. Clotted Cream Ice Cream-United Kingdom

Clotted Cream Ice Cream-United Kingdom

It sounds a bit foreign indeed. Ice cream colored golden yellow became one of the staple foods in the United Kingdom. Usually, it is served alongside Traditional British Afternoon tea.

Clotted Cream Ice cream is made from a mixture of eggs, sugar, and milk. Very difficult to find this one a hearty snack outside the United Kingdom. So it should be to the United Kingdom.

8. the Kulfi-India

the Kulfi-India

In India, this is one ice cream culinary streets are common and sold using a pan filled with ice and salt called matka. The ice cone shaped somewhat like the popsicles are made from milk simmered for an hour.

Flavored with pistachio, saffron, cardamom or make it tastes so rich. Indeed the effect different than ice cream, kulfi is more akin to frozen custard.

9. Dondurma-Turkey


Talking about reserved Turkey ice cream, you certainly know the ice cream seller dong using unique tricks to attract the purchasers? This name is ice cream Dondurma. In the language of Turkey itself, and has frozen means Dondurma chewy texture and elastic.

This unique ice cream made of milk, sugar, ointments (flour made from a type of root mountains), and mastic (mastic resin from the tree). Ointments and mastic ice cream this is what makes this Turkey be springy and elastic.

10. Ice Nuts-Malaysia and Singapore

Ice Nuts-Malaysia and Singapore

Ever watch the series Upin-Upin? If ever, you'll never hear ice water which means ABC stone mix, or ABCD which means water stone mix of durian.

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This bean has a range of AIS toping that presented, but the main one is ice and nuts. AIS beans served with grated ice and azuki beans. Coupled with the sweet corn cream, jellies, syrups, nuts, and milk.

That's the kind of ice cream is different in every country. If you prefer which one?

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Share, 10 most dangerous food in the world! Beware!

most dangerous food in the world! Beware!
10 most dangerous food in the world! Beware!
10 most dangerous food in the world! Beware! - Do you already know the most dangerous food in the world? Eating is the most crucial thing for everyone. In addition to creating a healthier body, mind also so more intelligent. However, it turns out that not all types of foods either animal or plant can be eaten. You need to be clever-clever sorts out in order for the benefits of "eating" can be felt. Well, there are several types of foods that are dangerous and deadly.

1. Fish Fugu (Pufferfish)

Fish Fugu (Pufferfish)

Mackerel which is capable of menggembungkan his body contains tetrodotoxin. It turned out to be very deadly. Toxins from these fish works by paralysing nerves and make the shortness of breath. Not impossible, the process of death would also be very slow and painful. But thank goodness, now in Japan, mackerel could have we feel his delight with the help of expert chefs who have experienced. Allegedly, they use a special trick so that the compound is not jeopardized.

2. The Giant Frog of Africa (African Giant Bullfrog)

The Giant Frog of Africa (African Giant Bullfrog)

Kenya people usually make this giant-sized frogs as special dishes for some events in each year. The young frogs if treated with the wrong way are able to secrete toxins that can cause kidney failure. Somehow, despite a lot of casualties because of eating it, but nonetheless became a favorite dish every year in Africa.

3. Ackee


The National fruit of Jamaica was sold in the market with a special warning: If the seeds in it has been changed to black, then it will contain toxins. Consequently, you may feel nausea, dizziness, vomiting even against people who eat it. As it turns out, is not forever healthy fruits.

4. Sannakji


Sannakji is a typical food of Korea. Food is a young small-sized Octopus to moderate then served with Sesame and spices. Even though it has cut off the tentacles of the Octopus can still move and actively stretched. Well as it turns out, the food is also quite deadly. Tentakelnya who still squirm live if not chewed properly, then it could be sucking throat and makes you choke up to cause death.

5. Shells of blood (Blood Clams)

Shells of blood (Blood Clams)

Regardless of the name that is unique, cute clam shells have been banned from sale in China because it contains a lot of bacteria and viruses cause outbreaks of hepatitis A, typhoid and dysentery.

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6. Hakarl


Hakarl is food from the Greenland Shark has been difermentaskani under a rock the past few weeks and was suspended for 3 months. Fermentation is done with the goal of reducing the toxins contained in the fish that live in the cold waters. Hakarl has taste and issued a strong ammonia scent.

7. the Casu Marzu

the Casu Marzu

This cheese comes from the region of Sardinia, Italy. Casu marzu literally means "rotten cheese" in Sardinian language, and known as maggot cheese. The cheese is made using the larvae of the cheese fly lays eggs in it. Casu marzu is dangerous because it can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

8. The Echizen Kurage

Echizen Kurage

Japan jellyfish appears to already be one of favorites of food in Japan. But it turns out these foods are harmful to health. It seems like people in Japan like the adrenaline of extreme eating.

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9. Fesikh


Egypt specialties must be served at least one year before it is safe to fish before eaten. The fermentation process that does not fit with the salt will make the fish contaminated by the bacteria so it becomes toxic for consumption.

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10. Cassava


Cassava is dangerous? Quiet. Cassava is only toxic if eaten raw or served is not really mature. Since substances contained in cassava will react with the enzyme in the intestine and turned into poison cyanide. So make sure you cook it properly ya'll not harm.

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Well, already know ' right? The most dangerous food? From now on we have to be more clever select food menu so that the benefits of eating can be felt.

7 meatballs from around the world

7 meatballs from around the world
7 meatballs from around the world 

7 meatballs from around the worldYou lovers of meatballs, read this then you will be amazed the meatballs from around the world. Meatball is enough food to demand Indonesia people. Either as food additives or food staple, the meatballs stay so the best option at a time like to eat soups. Ground beef combined with hot and spicy gravy, can make forget themselves once packed.

You're curious don't model the Meatballs in another country like what? If in Indonesia is already quite unique with the addition of a variety of content, in various States of not less interesting. Curious? This list is straight!

1. Italy: Italian Meatball

Italian Meatball

Meatballs in Italy can also use pork, fish or vegetables. Not just regular Italian meatballs, ground is also processed along with the eggs and other ingredients in accordance with the basic ingredients. Meatballs Italian sauce eaten with red, as Indonesia had. Just a different ball processing only.

2. America: American Meatball

American Meatball

This not only American meatball eaten with sauce or meatballs such as in Indonesia, they consume it with pasta. Later, the meatballs into the main side dish pasta smothered with sauce. There is also a separate with pasta, namely baked like a pizza with cheese.

3. Turkey: Akcaabat Kofta

Akcaabat Kofta

Before serving, meat Turkey Meatballs wrapped in skewers and burned in the coals. The sauce using butter sauce and tomato. The meat used is ground beef or lamb. A little different with Indonesia is its sprawl.

4. Sweden: Kotbullar

These meatballs with different is he fried in bread crumbs. How to eat it ever soaked with milk and cream. Truly unique, huh?

5. Netherlands: Dutch Meatball

Dutch Meatball

Meatballs in the Netherlands is slightly more unique because its creation mixed with chilli sauce, salt, egg, nutmeg, milk and butter. All of it is mixed. Then, fried, not boiled like in Indonesia.

6. Poland: Polish Meatball

Polish Meatball

Meatballs with almost the same Netherlands Poland, that ball is deep fried. What distinguishes this Meatball is eaten with sauce of mushrooms, and can be made from pork. If meatballs mushroom sauce eaten with Indonesia, how does it feel, huh?

7. India: Indian Meatball

Indian Meatball

If in India, there are many types of meatballs that manufacturing could be based on taste. Like meatball curry, kafta yakn meatballs with curry gravy eaten with salad or rice. There are also Indian spicy meatball i.e. Fried meatballs with garlic, onions, mushrooms, chilli sauce and pepper.

All variants that are characteristic of their respective countries, which certainly fits with their tongues. If the ball is in Indonesia, it's been awful, really. To be sure, the meatballs we also fit with our tongues, let alone eaten cold air time with spicy gravy with hot tea.

10 most popular Food in the Film & TV series

most popular Food in the Film & TV series
10 most popular Food in the Film & TV series

10 most popular Food in the Film & TV series - A lot of supposition if taste food that baseball just specified through the tongue only. Other senses like eyes are considered so factor that had the same influence on the taste of the food. A food could be so delicious because it looks interesting. So any otherwise, there is the food impressed baseball unpalatable because its not unsightly.

This applies the same fictional foods that are often seen in movies or TV series. The eye of imagination to make audience feel if the food is in fact Nah there it feels good. Not to mention the increased appetite because of the depiction of the characters is seen heartily while eating.

Our memory will this make imaginative flavor we are always reminded by this fictional foods. Baseball just because it is delicious, some of the foods that are in the film/TV series also have benefits that make us curious made a try.

1. The Chocolate River-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate River - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Nah nothing to nahan delights of chocolate. This sweet taste make our tongue termanjakan. Not to mention, which is believed could naikin mood of a person. Well, now try bayangin if lo chocolate swim in the river.

2. Chocobi-Crayon Shinchan

Chocobi - Crayon Shinchan

That snacking is good and make us forget the same time. So many people are so fat because of snacking, to the baseball matter surrounding circumstances. One of the victims of this excessive snacking is Nohara Shinosuke aka Crayon Shin-chan the cheeks are so round and his demeanor so magical because most chocolate snack called Chocobi snacking. This fiction so popular snack and make a lot of people are curious about the same taste.

3. Krabby Patty-Spongebob

Krabby Patty - Spongebob

The best food in the ocean! Certainly if the Krabby Patty agree lo is one of the most legendary fictional food. Actually this burger look baseball more than any other regular burger-burger. However, this successful burger make it taste the same curious Spongebob fans because the gimmick "secret recipe" of his. It was so precious, this recipe is actually the same guarded Mister Krab from Plankton that baseball never manages to steal it.

4. Spaghetti and Meatballs-Lady and the Tramp

Spaghetti and Meatballs-Lady and the Tramp

Maybe you never heard of wise sentence which reads "love can make a food more palatable". This wise sentences have a point too. Proof wrote two dogs in the animated film Lady and the Tramp is forget ourselves because of a spaghetti. Kissing scene between the Lady and the Tramp so one of the most iconic scenes in film animation. This scene makes us impatient baseball create nyicipin cookery girlfriend/wife.

5. Senzu Beans-Dragon Ball

Senzu Beans-Dragon Ball

The lure of that nuts sometimes baseball bearable! The taste is savory and the portions that impressed the baseball running out timeout can make us forget time. So this really often so nuts snack mainstay in while working or studying. Well, try bayangin lo snacking nuts that have efficacy can restore energy Senzu bean kayak in Dragon Ball.

6. The fruit of Satan-One Piece

The fruit of Satan-One Piece

Among the food that is on this list, it may be the fruit of Satan that is in One Piece had a taste of most baseball unpalatable.

7. Ramen-Naruto


Baseball diraguin again if ramen is one of Japan's most iconic food is at once the most delicious look. That's why ramen frequently appears on many movies/anime Japan, one of which is Naruto. Ramen digambarin favorite food as Naruto and Konoha villagers. The depiction of ramennya made as beautiful as possible so as to make the audience so ramen cravings. So no matter the enthusiasm of the moment Naruto eat it that makes us so hungry.

8. Everlasting Gobstopper-& Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory

Everlasting Gobstopper-& Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory

Same like nuts, candies are a favorite snack the snack pop who prefers sweet taste. Among the many foods that tempt the taste buds in the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, one of the most curious is the audience make a Gobstopper candy. Candy is actually have a flavor similar to that of the sweets in General.

9. the Tomacco-The Simpsons

the Tomacco-The Simpsons

This will be a fictional fruit food substitute for smoking if it really real. As the name implies, the tomacco was a hybrid combination of tomato fruit and tobacco. No matter where baseball is different from tomato fruit in General. However, when opened, the content of tomatoes this is tobacco Brown cream which are both addictive nicotine in cigarettes kayak.

10. Lembas-Lord of the Rings

Lembas-Lord of the Rings

As I've said above, Viki sometimes display a food can cheat and change the taste of food. So also the food that is in the Lord of the Rings called Lembas. From the look, this food is shaped like a rice cake or a typical lemper Indonesia. The original Lembas is a magic bread have similar usefulness bean kayak Senzu. Because of this, Lembas drank so one of my favorite foods in the Lord of the Rings and make her fans also kepengen bread is there in the real world.